The Day After

Thank god that election is over. The commercials were about to do me in and I don’t even live in a state that had either a senate nor governor race. I can only imagine what the ads were like in Florida, loud I bet.

I think there might be a secret agenda to those horrible political ads where the politicians say terrible things about their opponents or make up stories about what will happen if we elect the wrong person. The plan is to make us all crazy over the ads so we are so thankful the election is over that we just don’t care who won as long as they stay off TV. We don’t care how they legislate, as long as they don’t run ads about it. And we don’t hold anyone accountable because we don’t want to hear from them. Just shut up.

Well I am mildly pleased with the election as I am sure everyone is if you are a glass half full type of person. The half empty crowds on both sides are completely unhappy. Regardless of the results please lord let’s pray for some sanity. I am thinking that we have a few months of quiet before the next political ads start running for the next cycle.

Now the bad news. The firms who were busy running robo calls for politicians are now free to go back to commercial work and scams. Today alone I had six calls, two from “my federal student loan” which no one in our house has ever had, one from the “technical department” of “my computer company” really does anyone fall for a call from the “technical department,” one from the sheriffs blah,blah blah, and two others that I have already put out of my head. I know it is my fault for answering my phone, but some were on my cell phone.

So now it’s back to bladder leaks and local car dealers. Thank god is all I can say.

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