Why Is No One Talking About the Stock Market?

While the market was going up, up, up 45 was saying he was making everyone rich. For the record, he was not doing it and the only people benefiting were the people who had stock in the first place.

As of today, the October surprise has wiped out all the gains of the past year. Well since 45 liked to take credit for it going up let’s hold him accountable for it going down! Those tax cuts only helped big corporations for one year. After that they have to improve their bottom line all on their own. But the tariffs will hurt much more than one year.

The deficit is at an all time high! And they used to blame the deficit on Democrats spending money to help underprivileged. This deficit has been increased by helping the rich and corporations with tax cuts.

So for all you people who were putting up with Trump because it was good for your personal bottom line, how do you feel today? Your gains have been wiped out, we take children from their parents and detain them, we have a self proclaimed “nationalist” president who says that neo-Nazi “are good people too,” and a president who proudly lies multiple times a day.

Wake up and look at your 401k and then decide when enough is enough. You thought 45 would be better for you financially? Why would you trust someone who has declared bankruptcy to manage your money? The guy does not know what he is doing.

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