Ignorance of the Law is No Defense

Unless you are a legal scholar there is hardly a way you can know all the laws in every municipality you live in or visit. Despite that not knowing something is illegal does not get you free the hook. Some laws are easy, like the speed limit which should be posted every so often. But what about more obscure laws?

Since it is voting time there is a law that you should be aware of. In North Carolina it is illegal to post a photo of your ballot. It probably is also illegal in many other states.

Yes, those of us who are passionate about voting this year may want to share the fact you are making your voice heard. You can do that, just not with a selfie of you and your ballot, or just of your ballot without your face in it.

Wonder why? Well, taking a photo of your ballot may be used as proof of who you voted for if someone is paying you to vote for a certain candidate.

So you have been warned. Don’t take a photo of your ballot. You can take one of yourself wearing your “I voted” sticker. Encouraging people to go out and vote is the right thing to do.

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