Be Home For Repairs

Last month our Frontier phone line went dead. That is just normal for us these days. Since it was after the hurricane the phone company was backed up and said they would come repair it in two weeks. They came a couple of weeks later and laid a temporary line. At least we had a land line. I know we are dinosaurs with that, but our cell phones don’t always work well in our house so I like to have the back up.

When the guy came and laid the temporary line all the way around our house on top of the grass I asked him to put on our work order that I want to be home when the guys come to bury the new line. We have two conduits that run under our brick walkway so that wires can easily be run and I wanted to show the contractors where they were.

Two or three weeks went by and no one called. The 811 service that marks all the underground utilities had not come out and spray painted our yard with lots of bright colors so I was not expecting the Frontier people any time soon.

I came home today to find a truck parked in the middle of my drive way and two men with the big line digger just finishing up laying a new line right down the middle of my driveway, not where my old line was on the other side of my house.

I got out of my car and asked why they hadn’t called me or called the utility marking service. They acted like that was news to them. I had them show me where they ran the line since they knew nothing of the conduits. They had run the new line right over my gas line and just left it on top of the brick behind my grill.

That is when I noticed a gas smell. “Do you smell gas?” I asked the guy. He said “yes.” Great!!!!

I called the gas company and while I was doing that the Frontier Contractors left my property without leaving me any paperwork and they didn’t have any name on the side of their plain white truck.

The gas guy got to my house fairly quickly and found a nicked gas line that created bubbles the second he sprayed detergent on it. He was able to unhook the line and turn off my gas. It will be a day or two before he can fix it.

What the hell. What if I had not come home and seen the phone guys putting in the new line. I probably would not have gone out back of my house and smelled the gas and not known of the leak. Who knows what could have happened.

Calling Frontier to let them know of this has been a frustrating scenario. Five phone calls to different departments and transfers. There is a reason to have underground utilities marked before you dig!

My advice is tell all repair people that you giant dogs lose on your property and that they have to call you before they come and do any work. Don’t let anyone dig one shovel worth unless they have called 811 and had your property marked where not to dig. And if you think you smell gas call the gas company immediately. Trust your nose.

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