Today fall has finally arrived in Durham. I am happy to not be wearing my summer clothes half way through October.

With fall’s debut some major projects also got underway at our house. The grass and shrubs my father planted are thriving. With the giant rain storm of hurricane Micheal some of the grass seed washed away, but I reseeded yesterday in the hope of filling in the muddy areas. At least with all this rain I have not had to water much so my water bill will be happy. It is beginning to look so much better than the scorched earth and vine covered area I had from taking down the five trees and numerous bushes earlier in the summer. After two back to back hurricanes I am very thankful I took those trees down proactively. One neighbor down the street had a huge oak fall on their roof and crush the ridge of their roof. Poor people.

My trusty painters also showed up this morning to fix the ceilings that were destroyed in hurricane Florence and my roofing disaster. They had come and ripped a ceiling out a few weeks ago so that the joists could dry and no mold would grow. The joists dried in about three days then I just had a big hole open to the attic. I had Russ put a comforter over the hole so that all our air conditioning did not just go up in the attic.

Today was the “putting a new hall ceiling in” and scraping and patching all the other ceilings that had to be redone. Of course I had just cleaned all the rooms they worked in. Now everything is covered in a fine dust from sanding the ceilings. This is not a big trauma to put up with. Tomorrow morning they will come back and paint. I can hardly wait to have my nice clean white ceilings back.

I feel like two major house projects are well on their way. As I have been waiting for these to get done I am noticing other areas I want to work on. Now to find the money to do them. They might have to wait until a few more tuition payments are made.

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