Dust Hunter

My trusted painters came back today to finish painting the ceilings that got destroyed during the hurricane. They had to replace the wall board in the upstairs hall ceiling, mud, sand, prime, re-sand and paint the. They had to repair and and sand two bathrooms, the kitchen and the downstairs hall ceilings, prime, re-sand and paint. And they had to repaint two walls.

My painters do a most excellent job, and I am happy to have my house looking like humans live here. But besides the smell there is one thing about this whole operation that most annoys me, the dust.

Great painters do a lot of sanding. First, they sand old paint that might not be adhering well. They repair with mud and that requires sanding. They prime and after it is dry they sand again. Finally they paint, no more sanding.

My most excellent painters also sweep up, but all the sweeping in the world does not get all the dust up. That is my job. So after a rousing duplicate bridge day I came home to do dust abatement. I vacuumed, and dusted and washed and dusted again. And still I look around and find more surfaces for that fine painter’s dust to hide. Even though I vacuumed and mopped all the floors, when I walked barefoot I could still feel the dust.

I figure it will take me three or four cycles of deep cleaning to get to the place that I feel dust free. But then again are you ever dust free? While the power was out Russ took to wearing a most powerful headlamp, one that I am sure was designed for miners. He noticed how much dust was just naturally floating in the air, and no painters were in sight.

Now I am no germaphob, I believe that a little dirt helps build immunities. I don’t mind that naturally occurring dust that floats around, but I just don’t want my floors to feel gritty, even if it is the finest of grit.

So if you see me wearing my lambswool duster holster style, you will understand that I am on a mission to drive dust out of my house like a sheriff riding the saloon of the drunk cowboys. I don’t consider my hurricane repairs done until the last spec of dust is outside. Until then just call me “the dust hunter.”

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