James Taylor Million Meal Challenge

James Taylor grew up in Chapel Hill, his family is from New Bern, NC. New Bern has been really hard hit by Hurricane Florence. James came to the Food Bank to see how he could help apeople in need. We know from past storms that it takes years to recover from these kinds of events. For major storms we find that people who need help with food directly after a storm often are still needing help two years later. Sadly storms hurt those who have the least the most since they often don’t have the right kind, if any insurance.

James Taylor, his wife Kim and some friends are matching dollar for dollar everything thing we can raise until we get to a million meals. If you give through this campaign your donation will be matched.

If you have Carolina on your mind, please join me in donating to this campaign before October 31.

James Taylor Million Meal Challenge


Click on this link to see the video James made for this gift. What a generous North Carolinian he is.

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