Doing My Bit

Earlier in the year the Sandhill Branch of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC asked me to help them with their Chef’s Feast fundraiser. Of course I was happy to help. So we had many conference calls and email exchanges and I gave them my opinion all along the way. Opinions are something I am ever short on.

After doing these event kind of fundraisers for 20 or so years I have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. I used to be more forceful about giving advice, but recently I have lightened up in my adamance. Now I try and say, “In my experience…” and if my advice is followed, great, if not so be it.

On live auction items I am a fairly good judge about how much something will sell for, but I love being proven wrong when something goes for so much more than anticipated. Tonight we had an item I knew would sell well because it was an experience that you could not buy. It was a 90 second supermarket sweep in a Food Lion Store. You get one cart and can take anything you can put in the cart or on your person in 90 seconds, just no alcohol, tobacco or drugs. The really cool thing is Food Lion will also ring up all the items the winner sweeps and match the dollar amount and give that to the Food Bank.

Thanks to Food Lion for always being a great sponsor. Your auction item is my favorite. I was happy to help the Sandhills raise these funds. I always wish we could get more. The chef’s who made food for guests got a standing ovation and that always is a nice thing. I am certain people had a good meal and went always with a little better understanding of the work of the Food Bank.

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