No Power Parental Refuges

Friday when my power had been out about 18 hours I got a call from my Dad who was up at the farm.

“Do you have power?” He asked.

“No, do you?” I responded

“No, but it’s Ok your Mom is at the beach.”

Well, OK is only OK for a little while. It was not a great thing for my 80 year old father to be alone on a thousand acres, with no power, which meant no water and no computer to keep him entertained. I told him to come to my house where at least we have water. He said no, he had lots of trees to clean up.

Well yesterday my mother returned from the beach. My father had already cleaned out all his many refrigerators so that my mother could not argue about “how” spoiled things were and perhaps it wouldn’t kill them to eat that seven year old frozen fish.

When we got our power yesterday I called my parents and told them to come here. They waited until today to do it. As I was getting ready to cook dinner they got a call from the automated Duke Power system saying their power was on. Alleluia. They were here for the night and I was making dinner, but this meant my mother could go back for her Wednesday Bridge game.

While we were eating dinner both my parents phones got calls from the relative grape vine that in fact their power was not on. So Russ got on the Duke website and sure enough it shows not on. My mother yells at my father to call Duke , my father yells at my mother that he will do it. I get yelled at. I yell back, stop yelling at me. Life with two deaf 80 year old who might be slightly dehydrated. Please lord get the power back on.

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