Friends With Drones

Last year we got a new roof on the old section of our house. The roofers who had put the roof on the addition twenty two years ago came back and said their original work was still good and we only needed the front. So we let them replace the old roof with a new one. The old roof had not had a leak, but I didn’t want to wait for that reason to replace it.

Fast forward and a couple of months ago I noticed a wrinkle in the kitchen ceiling. Then some paint in the guest bathroom ceiling peeling. Then one day in the upstairs hall I heard dripping. I called the roofers. They came out and found a torn shingle and said that was it.

No…a week later it rained outside and so it rained inside. They came back. Three nail pops, That was it. No… more rain, another lose shingle. Russ and I kept saying it was something in the valley based on the attic evidence. Not where they looked.

So now we have the hurricane rain. Of course all weekend when the roofers are closed the water poured in five different rooms. Came back out this morning. When I showed the guys the wet rafters their response was, “Shit.” I’d say so. They couldn’t figure out it out because it was raining too much to climb on the roof.

They came back during the break in the rain and finally found a hole right where we said it was. New membrane. Please god, let this be the answer.

I wanted to get a good look at the roof, but did not want to go on the roof. I put a call out on Facebook for someone local with a drone. I had four volunteers right away. My friend Laurie called and said her husband Bryan could come right over. Nothing better than a man with a toy.

Bryan expertly flew the camera wielding device up above my house and took video and photos while I scoured every shingle from his iPhone screen. I have to say the roof looked good. Hopefully the latest fix is the last fix. I changed all the towels in the five rooms where water had come in the house so I can tell if any new drips appear.

Thanks to Laurie and Bryan and all the other volunteers. Using a drone to look at your house from a bird’s eye view is so helpful. No one should ever go up a ladder to their roof unless they are professional.

I hope all your homes survived this crazy rain. There has been so much flooding and the one thing I know, water always wins.

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