Signature Color

I am sick of rain, but I am not complaining since it is nothing compared to those who are dealing with flooding. So as not to write about the storm for yet another day I would rather laugh about something so ridiculous that I heard the other day while playing Mah Jongg.

A friend who wishes to remain unnamed for obvious reasons told us about someone she knows who has a “signature color.” On first blush, there is nothing too absurd about that. Don’t most of us have a color we like more than all the others? But that is not what this person means when she says she has a signature color. No, this woman not only loves her signature color, and uses in it all the things she does, both personally and works wise, but she claims this color as her own, like no one else can use the color.

When my unnamed friend told us this I practically fell off my chair. It sounded like something a third grader would do, claiming that only she could wear red and no one else.

This woman’s signature color is aqua, the universal color that looks good on everyone. I am thankful I don’t live near her because I would hate to be wearing that color at a party and have her come up and tell me, “You are wearing MY signature color.”

I am certain my comeback would be something like, “B#$@*, no one owns a color.”

If people are going to start claiming things like colors we are going to have more than a few fights. Colors, sunshine, chocolate chip cookies, these all belong to us all. There is no claiming them as yours and yours alone. Signature color, get a life.

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