For All The Craziness

Last week the lines at the grocery store were nuts. No one in Durham could buy a battery or a gallon of water. People who could afford it were stocking up in survivalist-like ways.

I was less crazy. I did fill my freezer with bags of ice and a couple of bags of water to create ice blocks in case we lost power. But I did not stock up on food. I figured I would have to eat what was in my freezer if we lost power, so why buy canned food I may never eat. I also filled my car up with gas, but I never waited in one gas line.

Was I foolish not to do more? Turns out, so far, that Durham was spared. Granted the rain and potential flooding could still be two or three days away, but I feel like my house on the top of the hill is relatively safe.

With all the hype for so many days in advance, by today I am just over the whole Florence thing. I am actually getting really bored. So much so I cleaned the grout in my bathroom today as if it is going to be photographed for a magazine, which it is not.

Russ went to Home Depot to get something and said that if we wanted to stock up on batteries, generators, rakes, paper towels, lanterns or water they are all restocked. I passed on it all. Actually I am hoping that the people who evacuated from down east will go to Home Depot and stock up before they go home, because from the looks of things on TV it may be a huge mess back at the beach.

The real worry now is the flooding along rivers. On the news they were showing the river levels and the expected flood levels. There was one for a river in Fayetteville that had a prediction of 65 feet of water over the regular river level. Now that is a disaster, and waiting for it to happen has got to be the worst. How does someone who does not live particularly near the river know where 65 feet worth of water will go?

Then there are the trees that will fall over because the ground is too wet to hold them up. So I know that we may have dodged a bullet here in Durham, but a large swath of North Carolina has not.

My Food Bank, the Food Bank of CENC has three branches in already hard hit areas, Wilmington, New Bern and Greenville and the Sandhills Branch may also end up being bad, as well as the Raleigh Headquarters. I can tell you from past disasters the Food Bank ends up helping people affected by hurricanes for months and months after the event is over. If you want to help people in need the Food Bank is a reliable agency with infrastructure and local experts already on the ground. $1 donated is turned into five meals through the Food Bank. To donate go online to

I may be bored with Florence, but I fear that we have not yet begun to know what our state is dealing with, and by the time we do, the news will be sick of this story and will have moved on.

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