I don’t want to write much about the weather and jinx ourselves, so I will let these two screen shots of the hurricane map do the talking for me. I’ll just say, Durham is a great place to be, today. Of course the weather is supposed to last for a few days so if we get five days of continuous rain things can change. Just know that right now, Russ, Shay and I are all good.

Maybe the fact that Russ is home is the key. Since he has never been here for a bad weather event, be it summer or winter, perhaps just his presence makes it not so bad. He was in Boston for the last two days. Yesterday when all the other airlines were canceling their flights into RDU Delta was holding strong. Russ took the 7:30 PM flight and got in at 9:45. He said the pilots did an excellent job of feathering the plane between wind gusts. I was just happy the smart car made it home from the airport.

In true fashion Russ went to the office today. He certainly had an easy commute since no one else was out. So it has been a non-event day and I hope it will be a non-event weekend.

My friend Lynn has been in the hospital for the last couple of days and while you are praying for Florence to go away and everyone to be safe from the storm, throw a little prayer in for Lynn to feel better and come home.

I hope to all my North and South Carolina peeps that you are comfortable, dry and have power!

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