Florence Hurry Up and Get Over With

Growing up summering at Pawleys Island we heard lots and lots of stories about Hurricane Hazel and the folk lore of the Grey Man, who somehow warned people on the island to leave due to the storm. See, back then there was no weather technology to track storms or even know they were coming. Hell, there weren’t even phones on Pawleys. Hazel did major damage to Pawleys and is still talked about today as an Island changing event.

Then there was hurricane Hugo in 1989 which did major damage to Pawleys. For years as you drove down Route 17 you could see trees that were snapped in half at about the 12 foot height and an occasional boat stuck high in the tree a mile inland. Technology had progressed since Hazel, so people knew to evacuate back then, but so many houses we lost, including my cousins Johnny and Flo.

And now here we are with hurricane Florence, nicknamed Flo. Technology had advanced to such a degree that we have so much information days and days ahead of the actual event. When I was in Massachusetts Monday they were calling this the storm of the century for North Carolina. I have heard that before with practically every storm. Now I am not down playing the seriousness, but I am hoping for the best.

The thing that gets me is how the news hypes everyone up . “Get your storm preparedness kits ready! This includes water for three days, batteries of every type, flash lights, power chargers, food, cash, full gas tanks.” The list goes on and on.

When I went to the grocery store on Tuesday, three days before the storm really is getting slightly close to us, people were buying crazy amounts of water. What in the world. Do none of these people have containers at home they can fill up with water from the tap? For as many storms as I have endured we have never lost our city water. Why don’t they say on the news that you need water if you are on a well?

After a week of preparations I am ready for this storm to come and go. I was wishing it would not come at all, but it looks like something is coming. The coast of North Carolina is already starting to flood. Please pray the damage is not too terrible and no lives are lost.

As for me, I have Shay, Russ is coming home tonight since Delta Airlines is still flying into RDU, we have food, water, batteries and flash lights. What I, going to do with them all I don’t know. If we lose power I don’t need much light. I will just go to sleep.

So stay safe all my North and South Carolina friends. If you aren’t ready now you were under a rock some where.

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