My Aunt Susan

My mother is the oldest sister of three girls. Her next sister down was Susan and they were only about a year and a half apart in age. Their youngest sister is Eddie and she is much younger that my mother and Susan. Together Susan and my mother were each other’s childhood memory keeper. Being so close in age they experienced their young life in unison.

Recently Susan had not been well and it was very distressing for my mother. Today when my mom called Hank, Susan’s husband, he shockingly told my mother that Susan passed away late last night. Although she had been sick, my mother had thought she would have time to see her one more time. But Susan had fallen and broke her hip on Sunday. If you aren’t well a broken hip is almost always the beginning of the end.

I am heart broken for my mother. She still has her youngest sister Eddie, but not the one who knew what life was like in my mother’s childhood years.

Susan was a sweet Aunt. She was always kind and as far as I can remember never raised her voice. She is the sister I look most like.

When I was a kid Susan and Hank lived in Greenwich village in a garden apartment owned by their Episcopal Church. It was so fun to go and visit them and go to Azuma, a kind of hippie gift shop in the village, that was near by.

I am sending out love to my Uncle Hank and their two sons, James and Steven. And extra love to my Aunt Eddie and especially my Mom and my sisters. Both my parents have lost their younger siblings who they were so close to. I count myself lucky to have both my parents, but know it is sad for them to lose their contemporaries.

One thing that brings me comfort is knowing that my Aunt Susan, who was a faithful believer, is in heaven with her mother, my sweet Grandmother, Mima. I know they will keep watch on my mother.

One Comment on “My Aunt Susan”

  1. Edith Harvey says:

    Thank you,Dana. I am devastated like your Mom. Susie was so kind to me growing up and we talked about those years quite a bit recently. She was always kind and loving and fun and pretty! (Lovely picture you attached).We really enjoyed the few months each year that Hank and Susan were at their condo in Naples…..even though she felt less than lousy last March and April.At least she could leave this Earth feeling content with how Stevie and Jimmy are so happy with their girlfriend/spouse.And we know she is in the very presence of her Savior Jesus, where my Mom and Dad are to. Much love to you,Aunt Edie

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