Mom’s Back To School

When I was in Massachusetts earlier in the week my friends told me to stay because of the impending hurricane. I didn’t even consider not coming home, not because I want to endure another storm, but because it is the start of the fall season for things I am involved with. So tonight I had the first Garden Club meeting of the year and I also had the first Mentor/mentee game for the bridge year.

Yes, I need to get things ready around the house for the coming monster storm. I had to do some grocery shopping since Russ had eaten down the leftovers. I also needed gas for my car, but those things took a back seat to the new “school year” of meetings. For me missing the start the new year puts me off on a bad foot, so much so I will head into the storm.

So now that I am home I am praying the storm is not the storm of a century the news is touting it to be. Mostly because Shay and I are riding it out alone. As is the trend, Russ will be on a business trip to Boston and will miss the storm. He has systematically missed every snow, ice and hurricane we have ever had at our house in North Carolina. Once, when Fran hit, I was with him in Italy so we missed it together, but other than that I have been here to face the music.

I am happy that Russ is working, so going off to Boston is a good thing. I think I can handle this alone. It is Shay that will be distraught that he is gone since she doesn’t like big weather anyway.

I am not letting the hurricane get in the way of the new year. Tomorrow we have Mah Jongg, then I have a church meeting. Hurricane Shmurricane.

One Comment on “Mom’s Back To School”

  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    still wish you had stayed!!!!!!!

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