Life Above the Clouds

After 12 days away from home I am ready to get home. I had a perfectly lovely last day today with Stori. We went over to Gloutser, MA to look for a place for breakfast and ended up at Lobsta Land, the same place we went for dinner last year. Monday is not a good day to go out since so many places are closed.

After breakfast we went back to her house to bid some bridge hands as practice before it was time for me to head to the airport. John, her husband came up from his office and told me I should just stay since I was heading home to a big hurricane. In some ways he’s right. Why should I go into the eye of the storm, but being away for so long I am ready to just face the storm and eat with it. I say that now, let’s see if I regret this decision come Friday.

As I drove away from Stori’s It started to rain, half way to Logan airport I got a text saying my flight was delayed an hour and a half. Seems like this might be the foreshadowing of my week.

Once I got to the terminal and got settled I was watching the storm outside the window and texting with Carter about a cold she felt was coming on. On the ground things were dark, and stormy. It made the time feel later than the 5:15 it was.

We finally boarded our flight and departed from Boston. As we climbed through the clouds the cabin was dark and I could hardly needlepoint. The plane shook as we cut a path through the angry clouds. Then, after a few minutes a small ray of light cut a small stripe through the interior of the cabin. The shaking subsided and I could start to see the tops of the clouds out my little porthole of a window.

A little more attitude and we were skiing on top of the thick white clouds. The light was illuminating the whole plane. We continued to assess and soon we were high above the clouds and the sun shone as brightly as a June morning. I felt like I had awoken to a new day. The sky up here is bright blue with white, link and grey clouds carpeting the earth below us.

I feel as if it is a welcoming sunshine to go home. Like Dorothy following the yellow brick road. I have been lucky with nice weather during my whole trip until today and that was hardly bad. I am praying this hurricane Florence makes a move east and saves North Carolina from nay devastation. If only I could raise the state of North Carolina above the clouds. It is beautiful, calm and peaceful up here.

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