Thank God For Good Friends

Since my job as Mom was done with Carter at school I had one day of activity to fill before going home tomorrow. Thankfully friends came to my rescue. Stori, my wonderful Walker’s friend, invited me to spend the night. Since I was coming to the north shore to see her I also called my college friend Janet and had lunch with her. I was thankful Janet was available because she is moving to Arizona and It is not a place I drive through regularly.

I woke up in Boston this morning and fall had clearly come to New England. When I left North Carolina eleven days go summer was in full swing. It has been hot, hot, hot in Maine and Massachusetts. I had packed all the right clothes for summer, shorts, sandles and t-shirts. But when the weather changed I was able to layer my clothes, but my feet were freezing. On my way to Manchester I stoped at a store and bought some closed toed shoes before going to meet Janet.

We had lunch at the same place we did last year when I came to visit. It was great to catch up, be it a very short visit. I also had a chance to see her daughter Sophia who just graduated from college in May. One of the bonuses of Carter going to college in Boston is that I thought it would give me a few years of being able to visit my Yankee friends. Now one of my dear ones won’t be a Yankee resident anymore. Of course our 40 friendship will still continue despite the change of location.

After I said goodbye to Janet I went off to Stori’s house. Stori and her husband John welcomed me and we settled in for an afternoon of Wimbledon tennis finals and needlepoint, at least for me and Stori. It was exactly what I needed. A nice afternoon of not going anywhere.

We watched the men’s final which went on and on. When one game took over twenty minutes I thought this match might take five hours. Thankfully the match was won in three sets and we went off for dinner.

Now we are back at their home, in our jammies, with a fire in the fireplace, watching a movie. This is exactly what I needed. Thank god for good friends who take me in and do all the things I like to do. It is so good that Carter came to Boston so I can see my friends.

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