One More Goodbye

When I left Carter at school last Sunday I did not have a moment of being sad, because I knew I was coming back through Boston and was going to see her again. Today I left Maine, with a bunch of bags of things I had picked up for Carter, blueberry soda, tomatoes, cheese curds… Arriving in Boston this weekend is a piece of cake compared to the crazy town that was move-in weekend. All the “No Parking”signs are down. There are no dead sofas discarded on the sidewalk. There are no crying mothers leaving their babies at college.

I was able to park in the lot across from Carter’s apartment. She came out to help me with the bags of things I brought her. “What is all this stuff?” Every college student needs capers.

I went back up to her apartment because I wanted to see it since her cute roommate Olivia had moved in. Olivia had been her roommate last semester so they already had a good living situation, but Olivia did not get to Boston until after I left last week. The girls had done a great job organizing all their stuff. Thank goodness they both like things to be clean.

Carter told me she was writing a paper and Olivia was at her job, so I checked into my hotel and took a shower before Carter walked down to meet me for dinner. We went to the Prudential Center and did a little shopping before Olivia got off work and we went to Oceanaire for dinner.

It was so nice to catch up with Olivia. The three of us had a lovely dinner and then grabbed a lyft back to my hotel first before the girls continued on to their place. Olivia asked me if I was coming back this semester and I said, “No.” I confirmed that I was not having breakfast with Carter and said goodbye to them as I got out of the car.

This goodbye is not as hard as putting her on the plane to Germany, but every time I say goodbye I know that my time with her is shorter and shorter. She is very happy at school this semester, loves her classes and professors. Especially likes her campus job as a mentor and TA. Loves her apartment and roommate. All these things are exciting and exactly what one wants for their child. I just wish my goodbye was not as I was getting out of the car without a hug. Growing up is hard on a Mother.

One Comment on “One More Goodbye”

  1. Mary Pickard says:

    Amen my friend.

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