Practically a Local

I don’t know how this has happened, but I have come to my last full day in Maine. Warren and I have gone, gone, gone all week. Today was no different. Our MO has been to have one invitation each day and somehow we drag that out to a whole day out.

Today’s invitation was for lunch with my wonderful friend Wendie. Wendie and I first met in Washington, DC 34 years ago. She has met Warren on my previous visits so now they get along quite well.

Since coming to Maine involves too much eating Warren and I decided just to have a slice of toast this morning before walking the breakwater at Rockland. It is a my favorite place to walk because, not only is it beautiful and cool with a nice breeze across the water, but for some reason I never tire of walking the rocks. You have to pay very close attention to your steps so you don’t fall so I just don’t think about being tired. Since it is after Labor Day there we only seven or eight other people on the whole breakwater.

When we got to the lighthouse end Warren volunteered me to take a picture of a couple who were trying to take their own. After I got a few shots of them together they told us they will remember them forever since it was their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary trip. We wished them well and gave them some recommendations of places to go. They asked if we were local and Warren said yes, and that I was practically a local.

After our walk we were off to Camden to lunch with Wendie at the popular Long Grain, an asian fusion place. It is a fabulous little restaurant in a beautiful space with just nine tables set far apart from each other and food that you might find in San Francisco. We had a lot of catching up to do and after we had dragged our lunch out as long as possible our server politely asked if we could let someone else have our table.

Warren, Wendie and I were having such a good time that we just went around the corner to Zoot coffee where we got a drink and monopolized the front corner table in the window and continued our gab fest. While we were in the window we saw Warren’s friend Sue, who runs the community breakfast I worked at Monday and invited her to sit with us. After more laughs, Sue had to go back to work but not minutes later her husband stopped in and joined our table.

At about hour four of our lunch date we saw the parking enforcement guy and we realized we had parked in two hour parking. So we all ran out of the coffee shop, calling to the parking guy in a friendly way, that we were going to our cars. Warren ran ahead and jumped in the car in case we were about to get a ticket, but the parking guy was a jovial sort and just smiled and waved as he walked by our cars.

So another day where we left the house and were gone all day with only one thing to do. But what could be better than sitting around visiting with friends?

Our lunch was so good we just skipped dinner and went to Dorman’s for ice cream. I have to admit that it is a miracle that we only had one visit to Dorman’s the whole trip. I wish Russ was here to enjoy it too. Next year! We are about to play one last game, Russ will be glad he missed that.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow I go back to Boston. My week in Maine feels shorter every year. Thanks to my friends here and especially to Warren who hosts me and lets me turn his quiet life upside down with lots of going places. I’ve been coming for so many years I am practically a local.

2 Comments on “Practically a Local”

  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    Next ear you and Warren have to hop on the ferry in Rockland and venture out to our Island for the day!!!! I will come and show you around. You two will love VinLHa

  2. Stuart Wrigth says:

    Time to get home to prepare for Hurricane Florence

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