Finally Lobster

When I come to visit Warren there is very little relaxing and lots of moving about. Today was no different than the previous days, except I finally got some lobster. Isn’t that the reason to come to Maine? Sorry Warren.

Yesterday while we were out trekking about we went by Bayside, one of our favorite areas. As we were driving around the village of tiny Victorian cottages Warren spotted a for sale sign on a darling white gothic cottage. It was late in the afternoon so there was no way to get a chance to look at, but we stopped in the real estate office and asked about it. It had gone on the market ten minutes before.

Today we went back to look at it. It has a great unobstructed view of the water and some beautiful original 1910 glass windows with the wavy glass. Other than that it is in need of a total redo. The lot makes a postage stamp seem big, the need to move the house and create a new foundation is just the beginning. It is a four month a year house at best. All that being said I still ran the numbers, drew a new floor plan and tried to make it work. I called Russ about it, but it just does not make sense. It was a fun thought.

So now that I am done looking at houses I am going to actually be on vacation for one more day. Tonight Warren and I went to my favorite lobster shack in Rockland called Claws. When Claws first opened we wondered who would want to go eat on Route one, and sit outside next to the gravel parking lot on picnic benches? Little did we know it made the best food anywhere.

Warren is not a lobster eater, but he is a good sport about going with me. I had the best lobster roll that was nothing but lobster, no mayo, no butter, just lemon and sweet as can be lobster. Claws also knows something about chowder. The seafood chowder is mostly seafood and a thick soup that has a flavor that is lacking in most chowders. I don’t think it even has potatoes in it.

So I may not be getting a Maine house this week, but I did finally get lobster. Poor Warren really wanted me to buy this house so I don’t have to spend so much time at his house. Maybe when Carter graduates.

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