Maine Friends

Somehow with only one thing on our social calendar today, a lunch with my friends Sheppy and Dick Vann, Warren and I were gone from the house from 9:45 AM until 6:30 PM. So much for coming to Maine to relax.

Our plan was to meet Sheppy and Dick in Liberty Maine, at a new place, 51 Main, owned by the guy who owns Liberty Graphics, our favorite shirt printer. Since Russ, Carter and I used to go to Family Camp at Medomak in Washington, Maine, near Liberty, I asked Warren if we could drive that way to lunch. You know the answer, especially since I was driving.

The first place I was looking for in Washington was the Washington General store. It was not a store that was there when we went to Camp, but friend Sean, who sailed the big boat at Camp and was the carpenter and his wife Amy had told us that they were buying this big yellow barn at the cross roads of the two streets in Washington to open this store.

Warren and I had no trouble finding the store, which was now an attractive red. As we pulled in the parking lot I saw Sean and his father walking away from the store. I jumped from the car and called out, “Hey Sean! I’m Dana Lange.” He came over and gave me a hug and showed us the store. It was fabulous! Warren and I were so impressed with it all we were sorry we were not staying to eat lunch there. Sadly, Amy was at home, but Sean told me that Holly, who owned the Camp was still at camp.

We made a visit to Medomak our next stop. I walked in the main building without knocking and called out to Holly who was upstairs with her daughter Eliana. It was a huge treat to see them. As we were talking another camp friend Chelsea pulled up and screamed when she saw me. I love when I make people scream and not because I scare them. It was too short a visit, but we had to get to lunch.

Sheppy and Dick were waiting inside the restaurant and both looked fantastic. It is their last day in Maine, so I was thrilled we were able to make this work. Sheppy treated us to our lunch since I got her breakfast when I saw her in Nashville in July. It was hardly a fair trade. After telling lots of school stories, Sheppy wanted to show us the only octagonal post office in America, which was very cute, then we went into Liberty Graphics to buy T-shirts.

After Dick and Sheppy departed Warren and I went into the best used tool store in the country, Liberty tools. I never buy anything, but I like looking at all the old planers and saws. Since we were all the way in Liberty, we decided a trip to Belfast was next.

Belfast is my ground zero for quilting. The Fiddlehead artisan store is where last August I decided I wanted to make a quilt. It is hard to believe that now one year later I have made 4 king sized quilts, one twin, two baby quilts, one table runner and 32 placemats. I couldn’t help but return to the scene of the crime. We also wanted to visit the Bella Book store, Home of the orange Julius cookie.

Sadly the store was no longer where it was last year. We went to another book store in town and inquired about it and they generously told us that Bella had moved next to the food co-op. We happily made our way down the hill and found it. The new location is so much cooler. The owner sold us the last of the orange Julius cookies with drinks and we sat in the store and talked with him all about the relocation and split a cookie. It was a charming afternoon.

As we headed south on Route one to get back to Warren’s we decided to drive through Bayside, the tiny Victorian village of cottages that were originally a turn of the century church camp, the place that Russ really loves. The story of what happened next will have to wait until tomorrow…

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