My Work Is Done.

Three days of moving in is over for me. Today Carter and I went out for one last meal together then I took her to Trader Joe’s to stock her kitchen. Turns out the Trader Joe’s on Boylston is the smallest one in America. That being said, we were still able to find almost everything Carter could need. Everyone in the store couldn’t have been nicer. We had this opera student as our cashier. I did the bagging, as I like to do at any store. Since her cashier stand was no more than a one foot square box that had a shelf that pulled out for the bag, she had me stand right next to her. I had to work fast because there was no place to put items that were already rung up, other than in a bag.

With five full bags the opera singer asked a coworker to help us carry them up the escalator to the street. Carter waited with the bags while I went to the parking garage to get the car. For what I have paid to park my rental car these three days I could have rented a house at the beach for a week. When this Boston trip is over I am going to try and never have a rental car in Boston again. Uber or Lyft will be much cheaper.

I returned to Carter’s apartment to do a little help lining kitchen shelves, but it was really time for me to let her do everything on her own. Carter still had her storage boxes to unpack, clothes to put away and her kitchen to organize. I was just in the way. Since I am coming back to Boston next Saturday I will get to see the room finished then.

I happily drove my rental car out of the city to Maine for my annual pilgrimage to the mid coast to visit my friend Warren. I usually come in the summer, but this year September made more sense to tie it in with drop off. This way I won’t be home, missing Carter. Instead I am missing Russ.

On this busy day I did not get a chance to speak to my youngest sister Janet and wish her a happy birthday. I left a message, but want to give her a shout out that I love her and hope the next year is her best one yet. It’s been a busy day. It’s been a busy three days, but now I have vacation. Oh Happy Day

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