Why is Vacation So Tiring?

I’m not sure if I am the only person this happens to, but if I have a very early morning appointment I have to get up for I don’t sleep well the night before. I tend to wake up every twenty minutes in fear that I am going to sleep through my alarm. Consequently, I don’t get any sleep and I am a mess.

Last night was my first night at my friend Warren’s. I was tired when I arrived, but I couldn’t be a rude guest and go straight to bed. After dinner and some time on the front porch I excused myself to write my blog, then I made the mistake of looking at Facebook, which led to me watching Megan McCain’s, President Obama’s and even President Bush’s eulogies of John McCain. I didn’t need to do that then, what I did need was to go to sleep because I had to be up at 4:15.

After my five hours of half sleep in twenty minute increments 4:15 finally came. Why would I have to get up on vacation at this hour? I was not going to catching a flight, or work on a lobster boat, no. I was going to serve breakfast at the Camden Baptist Church community breakfast. This is a volunteer job Warren does every Monday morning. I joined him last year and had a ball, so I was looking forward to doing it again. It’s just very early.

Warren gets there at five to do the prep work and it turned out it was a good thing my extra hands were there because none of the set up had been done the day before as they expected. So I rolled silverware, set up tables, chopped vegetables and made coffee. Then at 6:25 the first early bird crew came to eat. I was a waitress for the cooked to order breakfast, so I had to take orders, serve food and drinks and clear tables. It was fun and a good workout.

After the guests all departed and the whole kitchen was sanitized we departed for the HoJo home around ten in the morning. Just in time to get home, hit the wall and take a nap. I slept hard for one hour then Carter called waking me so I got up and restarted my day.

Warren and I went antiquing and then to Moody’s diner for dinner. Besides the seafood chowder the highlight was meeting Nancy Moody, whose parents had started the dinner in 1927.

After dinner it was home and time for games. Tonight it was Password. Warren broke out an addition from 1963 and the words were next to impossible. Maybe it I had more sleep I would have done better. I think my real vacation is starting tomorrow. I am taking a sleeping pill tonight to sleep hard and through the night. I need a vacation from my vacation.

One Comment on “Why is Vacation So Tiring?”

  1. Debi says:

    I do the same!
    It’s 3am here now and first thing in the morning I have to travel 30 miles to my Dad’s nursing home and take him to the dentist. No way am I going to get any sleep now. But tomorrow night I’ll probably sleep like a log for 10 hours as I have nothing to do the next day.

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