“Good Thing You Are Here, Because You Are Right”

Every inch of me hurts. In the last 24 hours Carter and I went to Target at 8:00 pm last night and bought two carts worth of stuff for her apartment. I broke the cart escalator in the store because I had a microwave on the shelf under the cart. The sign that said, “nothing under the cart on the escalator,” had fallen on the floor so the four employees it took to fix it were not mad at me. But Carter left the area and pretended not to know me.

After that Target run we started moving our full SUV of stuff into Carter’s second floor walk up apartment ourselves. Not wanting to wait to put together any of the four closets/shelving units /hanging racks that we bought, Carter got right to work with the Allen wrench. Finally at 10:30 I called it quits and we went to eat dinner.

Today was the real move in day. We rose early and drove 40 minutes out of town to the land of IKEA/Costco/Home Depot all right next to each other. We had heard that this day at IKEA was the busiest one all year so we planned on getting in early. Since Costco opened first we hit that up, filling a whole cart.

Then we zipped over to IKEA with the giant stream of other cars and got into it just as it was opening. Two carts later we were packing it in that giant SUV and toddling over to Home Depot. One more full cart and it was still just 11:30. We ate lunch outside the city, just so we didn’t have to pay for parking and headed back to school. It was not an official move-in day since Northeastern tries to not add to the mess that is September 1, lease change day for renters. That being said they still had hampers for moving and traffic cops everywhere.

Carter’s apartment is just across the street from the lot where we could park and unload our car. It took two hamper loads to get everything to her building and then countless trips up the stairs with armfuls of boxes and bags. Carter began assembling her rolling desk chair, but when it came time to do the arm she hit a stumbling block. I suggested a different way and she said the best thing ever to me, “Thank god you are here, because you are right.” Not words that I normally hear from my 19 year old.

I took over the chair assembly and she moved into the bathroom for a towel rack assembly. At one point she called out to me, “What are you working on?” “The fucking chair, how about you?” She replied, “The fucking towel rack.”

We kept unpacking and assembling everything we had, while we waited the delivery of the seven large boxes Carter had in storage. I carried three big loads of cardboard to the basement for recycling. By the time I climbed the back two flights for the third time I could feel my body beginning to fight back. I looked at my watch and I had done 22,000 steps and 31 flights of stairs and it was not yet 6pm.

Our cousin Andrea and her daughter Sarah arrived around seven and delivered a box I had sent to their house. At last we were going for a comfortable meal. We drove to Back Bay and Andrea found us two parking places on the street five blocks from the restaurant. We walked to dinner and after sitting for an hour my back stiffened up. I walked back ten years older than I had walked in. Sadly, we both had parking tickets. This September 1 thing in Boston is serious.

Carter’s roommate Olivia wanted to see the apartment since she was not moving in until Monday so after dinner Carter and I went back to the apartment so Carter could give her a FaceTime tour. Olivia was very happy with the progress and our choices. At last we are back at the hotel so I can recover.

Tomorrow it is just grocery shopping and then I am leaving Carter to finish unpacking and setting up making this space exactly as she wanted it. It only took seven full carts from four major retailers. I’m done.

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