Great Day on Bald Head

Things I love about being on vacation with the Worden/Farley Family:

Being treated like a queen, with coffee brought to me in bed.

Great morning walk with Suzanne and the dogs where everyone on the beach is happy to greet the Labrador’s.

Being one of the family.

Playing bridge after breakfast.

Playing banana grams after lunch.

Never being without someone who wants to play a game with me.

Spending ocean time with my bonus boys, Jack and Oliver, jumping in the waves.

Driving the golf cart with Suzanne and the boys listening to Oliver’s curated music of Sting, the Grateful Dead and others from Suzanne and my era.

Sharing the friendliness of North Carolinians with the Farley’s.

Sitting on the porch with Suzanne and Steve, listening to ocean and loving the waining afternoon light, telling stories.

Laughing, Laughing, Laughing.

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