Napping Please

When on vacation it is often necessary to take a nap. OK, maybe not necessary. How about preferred? Preferred is not quite right either. Perhaps, shit, I never get to take a nap at home and between walking on the beach, being in the sun and staying up too late the night before I need a nap. Add to that, I am much nicer with more sleep than less sleep and I am a guest so am have to be nice. Also, everyone else was napping.

All this being said, I went outside on the porch and lay down in the hammock to nap. It was in the shade. A lovely breeze was blowing. The ocean was off in the distance just enough to make that white noise sound. I had pillows and a cover and it was a Pawleys Island rope hammock, my preferred brand.

I closed my eyes. No sleep. I had some random thoughts. “Where did Suzanne live in college? I couldn’t remember her room. I tried to sleep. Then the banging started. What was that banging? Every thirty to forty five seconds. I tried to ignore it. After about half an hour I got up to see what it was so I could stop it. It was a door that opened on the porch, but the casing had come undone and was blocking the door from closing. It was too tall for me to fix. I gave up on my nap.

Then the air conditioning in the house was not working. Well, it was working, but the door that kept banging open was letting so much hot air in it overwhelmed the system. Then the gas grill wasn’t working.

Since I am Suzanne’s handy friend I went to work to fix everything. None of it was hard, but at least now the doors close, the house has cooled down and the grill is fired up to cook dinner. Sadly I did not have my nap, but I did have a fun day on the beach and in town at lunch and at the game table. I just pray I don’t get grouchy before dinner and the next round of games. I live my life without naps, I think I can do it.

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