Moving the Game East

Today was my Sherpa day. Suzanne, Jack and Oliver put their two big dogs in their car and drove east to Deep River to catch the ferry to Bald Head. Steve, Suzanne’s husband, was supposed to fly in from NYC, but his flight got canceled. Thankfully he was put on a later flight. My job was to pick Steve up at the airport on my way to Deep River with two of their coffin sized suitcases, a cooler, my suit case and whatever Steve brought. The plan was that Steve and I would take a later ferry and catch up with Suzanne and the boys on the island.

Somehow all the stars aligned. I sent Suzanne to the farmer’s market on their way to the coast an hour before I left home. Steve’s flight got in 45 minutes early and he got his bag and stepped out on the curb just as I was pulling up. We decided not to stop the car for any stops and just book it to Deep River to try and meet up with everyone else. It was a great time for me to catch up with Steve.

We pulled up to the ferry dock and five minutes later Suzanne pulled in behind us. Somehow we had gotten ahead of them. All our bags, boxes and coolers made the ferry crossing and the transport got us to the beautiful house they are renting for two weeks.

My job as way station master and Sherpa was done successfully and now I am being rewarded with a few days at the beach and lots of laughs and many games to be played.

Before dinner Jack and I busted out the Banana grams and it was a true match where we both finished at exactly the same time. The game was decided on one non-word that disqualified that board. It was practically as exciting as the finish of the Indianapolis 500.

After a yummy dinner out we came back to the house to play bridge. We had about 30% Slam hands which made it a big night at bridge. Exhaustion finally ended the game, or rather just put it on pause until tomorrow.

So much fun was had and it’s just the beginning. I will gladly volunteer as Sherpa anytime.

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