Shrub Suggestions

Earlier this summer we had to have five large pines removed from the back out our house. In order to reach them our entire side yard of wild hedges had to be removed. Well, they didn’t all have to be removed, but once they started disturbing one section the leftover just looked messy. It was a better plan to have the men with big machines go ahead and remove them than wait and have me do it.

We have a scorched earth area in our yard now that is at least 100 feet long and thirty five feet wide. My Dad saw pictures of it and volunteered to bring a number of his tractors and implements along with Bill, his best guy, to help me fix up the side yard. Of course the best time to do this is in the fall so I have lived with the mess all summer.

Last weekend while I was at the farm my Dad and I went to look at bushes at his good nursery. We estimate that I am going to need at least 16 good sized, fast growing bushes to recreate the screen we need between us and out neighbors. As luck would have it our neighbors have been doing a major lawn overhaul for the last six weeks so they pulled out all their screening shrubs on their side so right now none of us can go in either of our kitchens without being fully dressed.

I am looking for shrub advice from all you fabulous southern gardeners. I m considering a combination of holly and laurel bushes, but don’t have exact varieties worked out. I am not wed to this plan, so I am open to suggestions.

Also I am looking for a reliable vendor who delivers. I want to start with specimens that are between 3-4 feet tall, but can get up to ten. I don’t need to say that I am looking for a good price.

Right now the inventory is low since it is a terrible time to plant, but by mid September I need to get moving on this. Please message me with any and all suggestions. The best suggestion will win a pie of your choice.

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