One Mom, Two Sons, Two Dogs

It took some doing, but I spent the better part of today rearranging Russ’ home office to fit an additional queen sized inflatable bed in it. Tonight my best college friend Suzanne arrived with her two very tall sons, Jack and Oliver and their two labradors, Chance and Esme to spend two days with us on their way to Bald Head.

So many times the Lange’s, one, two or all three of us have crashed at the Farley/Worden home in NYC. And when I say crashed, I mean we are feted, fed and entertained in luxury. If I ever call Suzanne and say I am driving through New York, she always says, “How long can you stay?” It is about time I returned the favor.

When Suzanne planned this family vacation she knew that the logistics of moving everyone to Bald Head were going to be complicated. Suit cases had to be fed ex’d, golf clubs had to be shipped. Dog crates had to go on roof racks. Her daughter had to fly in from San Francisco, her husband had to fly in from NYC. And since the dogs are an important part of the vacation they had to be driven.

I was thrilled when our house became a vital stop. This meant that I was going to have some quality time playing games with the Farley’s. Oliver and Suzanne are going to look at Duke tomorrow, but other than that, I bet we will get in more than one round of Catan. Even Carter, who normally won’t play a game with me, was happy to join in the first game of Catan tonight with Jack and Oliver and me.

The young people worked as a team against me to give Oliver, the youngest the victory. Oliver reminded me that I made him cry when he was little and we played Monopoly, so he lives to beat me. What a horrible human I was to make a little boy cry over a game. It made him a much better competitor today.

Shay is the only one who is slightly traumatized by having two big new friends in the house. They came in an drank all her water, then out came their big stainless bowls to be filled with more water and that is when the splashing really got started. It is clear that Shay is much more “Oodle” than “Lab” for she is nothing like a Chance or Esme. But by the time dinner was over she was happy to hang with them, even crying a little when they went in their room to sleep.

I hope that everyone sleeps well. We have a lot of dog and game fun planned for tomorrow.

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