Hated Six Months and a Day Rule

For most of our marriage we did not have dental insurance. We just went to the dentist and paid for it. Life was easy. Then, right after I finished paying for Carter’s braces we got dental insurance. It’s good. They pay a good amount. But there is one rule I hate. You are entitled to two teeth cleanings a year, but they must be at least six months and one day apart.

Technically you won’t get two teeth cleanings in every year based on that math. As example let’s say you got your teeth cleaned on January 2, since the dentist is closed on January 1. The next day you are eligible to get your teeth cleaned is July 3, six months and one day later. The next time you re eligible after that is January 4, then July 5. OK if you start at the first of the year it works out you get two. What if your first cleaning is June 30 so the next day you can go is Dec. 31, but the dentist is closed. So you have to wait until January 2, a new year. You only got one in the first year.

This issue really didn’t bother me until I had a child who goes to college far from home. First it is next to impossible to get her an appointment on a day I know for certain she is going to be home and then what are the chances she is going to be home even close to six months and a day when she is allowed to get her teeth cleaned again. It would be so nice if the dental insurance plan would just let us get our teeth cleaned twice a year and when those times are was up to us. Sometimes it might be five months apart and other seven. Not a big issue in the scheme of things, but is it?

See in their current rules they are banking on the fact that you are going to not always get two cleanings in every calendar year as long as you have to wait at least six months and a day. Most people can’t get an appointment on that exact day, it might be a weekend or a holiday or your birthday and you don’t want to go to the dentist that day. So you push it back a few weeks. But every time you do that it means you are pushing back the next appointment.

I used to make a year’s worth of appointments at a time and always knew which months I would go to the dentist. Not now. I hate this rule! Damn those smart dental insurance people.

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