Life Among Quilters

My fabulous quilting friend Frances convinced me to join the Triangle Modern Quilting Guild which she has been a member of for a while. In the spring when I went to my first quilt show in Raliegh her guild was there so I signed up to join. They meet on Sunday afternoons once a month so I have not attended any meetings because that is not the most convenient time.

This month Frances was going to be giving a talk about the evolution of Modern Quilting so I really wanted to go. Frances helped me out by saying I could go with her because the meetings are held in the pool house of some subdivision in a no man’s land area kind of between Durham and Raliegh. Despite the awkward location, the meeting was exciting, and inspiring.

Other than Frances, and my friend Julie in Maine, I don’t know any other quilters. Apparently, quilting attracts many more introverts than extroverts so I might know some other quilters, but they are keeping that skill to themselves. I have taught myself how to quilt with the help of You Tube so I haven’t had the chance to talk about quilting with live humans.

I went to this quilt show in Raliegh in the hopes of meeting live quilters so I could maybe pick up some useful information. That didn’t happen. I walked around and looked at the quilts, most of which I did not like. The only people who talked with me were sewing machine salesmen. No help.

So today’s meeting was a fist for me. A room full of people who actually quilt. Thee was some business discussed and then Frances gave her talk which sparked a lively discussion about how people learned to quilt and inspiration. After a snack break it was time for show and tell. Frances told me to bring a quilt to show.

The head of the meeting started with the people in the back and asked anyone with something to show to come up. It was fantastic. About a dozen women had something to show. Each one was different, but I was thrilled because unlike the show, I liked all the pieces that everyone showed. It was also a little intimidating because clearly there were hundreds of collective years of experience in the room. But the quilters were friendly and encouraging and treated me so nicely when I showed my quilt.

I am inspired to keep working at this art, even though it is a lonely existence. At least now I have found some kindred spirits thanks to Frances.

2 Comments on “Life Among Quilters”

  1. Frances says:

    It was so fun having you at the meeting today–you fit right in! I’m so glad I remembered to tell you to bring a quilt. Yours was a big hit, and rightly so. It’s gorgeous! xo

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