Summer Saturday

As a family we believe strongly in gun control. We can’t imagine why automatic guns are needed for anything other than the military. The only thing we like is sporting clays. Russ and Carter are good shots. And Carter really got into shooting at Camp this summer. When she got home she asked if we could go to the farm and do some shooting.

My father, as the provider of all fun outdoor toys, happily obliged. Sadly most of our sporting guns were stolen and the only one left is my grandfather’s old 20 gauge. It was good enough for Russ and Carter to break some clays over the pond.

While they were shooting my Dad and I went to scout out new shrubs for our side yard. I am in the market for some holly and laurel bushes to create a screen along an 80 foot section of our yard. My Dad has generously volunteered to bring his tractors down and help me with this project.

Between providing toys and tools I am very lucky that my Dad is around and so spry and willing to help. To thank him we invited our friends Lynn and Logan to come up to the farm and take my Mom and Dad to lunch with us.

After lunch we spent the afternoon swimming while my Dad told Logan stories. It was a practically perfect way to spend a summer Saturday afternoon with two 80 year olds. The best part was none us of shot anyone.

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