Summer Corn Salad

What do you do when you discover once beautiful farmer’s market corn in the back of the fridge that you should have made two weeks ago? You make corn salad of course.

My hate of wasting food is well known. I am an expert at repurposing and reconfiguring food that I have previously made. I don’t ever cook anything that might be questionable, but I do find ways to improve ingredients that might be just past their prime.

I had four ears of what once were juicy, plump sweet corn on the cob. Rather than serving it in its natural state I cut the kernels off the cob to cook so I could improve them. I heated a fly pan on high until it was very hot, sprayed it with a little Pam and dumped the kernels in. I let them start to turn slightly brown before I stirred them once. Then after one good stir left them again. After about five minutes in the pan I sprinkled them with a little sugar and salt and cooked them another minute. Once cooled I tasted the corn and it was yummy. The perfect start to a summer corn salad.

Cooked corn kernels

Cherry tomatoes- halved

Cubes of soft ripe avocado

Balsamic vinegar – just a splash

Fresh basil leaves- chiffonade

Mix everything together and season with salt and pepper. Good with everything summery!

One Comment on “Summer Corn Salad”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Besides just good ole fried corn ( the way you started your recipe) this is one of my favorite summer salads. It’s good to be a southern gal and cook.

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