Puppy on the Payroll

Once in a while Russ calls me out of the barn for some strategy discussion for something he is working on. Russ is the professor of Agile Marketing, which is all new to me, but I am still useful in the sales department.

Russ has a few big things he is working on and asked if I would come to the office with him today and white board a plan. We could have done this all at home, but I think that Russ figured if he got me in the office I would be less distracted by some fun thing to do at home.

After dropping our friend Adam off at the airport, we were off to a Saturday at the office. Shay loves to go to the office. I think it is because she knows that is it Russ’ domain and we all know she would rather be with Russ.

When we pulled into the parking lot Shay practically dragged us from the car to the lobby door. She knows exactly where the elevator is and heads in first just so she can turn around and stand right in front of the door to be the first one out. When Carter was a little girl we used to call the elevator the magic room because you walked in one door and in a few minutes walked out the same door in a totally different place. I would love to know how Shay sees the magic room.

Once in Russ’ ballroom sized office Shay likes to run down the wood floor from one end to the other and slide on into the conference room. For the record Russ likes to do the same thing with her. Although she loves to come to the office, Shay is much less interested in actually working.

Russ and I took our seats in the all white board walled conference room and got to work. This bored Shay completely. She looked around to see if any of her other work team mates might be there for her to beg a snuggle from, but sadly, since it is Saturday we were all alone.

It did not take us long to work out a plan for Russ to follow on the projects he was working on. Perhaps he was right about doing the work at the office, but I also did have needlepoint with me since I think better while my hands are busy. As for Shay, as happy as she was to get in the office, she was just already to go back to the magic room to go home. I think she would like to be a puppy on the payroll, but only as the receptionist. Shay is just not that Agile.

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