Consumer Tipping Point

Yesterday my friend Christy and I went on a little trip to Fearrington Village for lunch and a little walk around the shops. Since the majority of her kids are at Cheerio just until Saturday she wanted to take advantage of her last few mother vacation days. We started out at one of my favorite stores, Dovecote. You know that kind of store where all the clothes are beautiful, classic and expensive and in between the clothes are really cute things you don’t need, but might buy for someone else, like books about how to live like a Parisian. I did buy a number of Christmas presents because I have five women in my immediate family to shop for.

As I was pursuing the “you really should buy this for someone else” section I was drawn to a cute blue and white note pad. It was all of eight dollars, but despite loving the original design and unique shape of the paper I walked away from it.

We went to lunch at the Belted Goat which was too yummy and followed it up with a look around McIntyre’s Books, one of the last great independent book stores. I love to read the handwritten reviews of books by the staff of the store. There were at least eight or nine reviews that made me want to buy the book. Then I thought about all the books I have sitting on or under my bedside table waiting for me to put down the needlepoint. So I just enjoyed the reviews.

After my vacation day yesterday I decided that today needed to be a work day. My original sweat shop, my office, has been greatly neglected by me since I moved most of my crafting hours to my new sweat shop sewing room. Having two rooms in my house dedicated to my hobbies seems excessive. My only defense is we thought we were going to have more children to fill those rooms.

Once I stopped consulting I really didn’t need my office for work. At first it became scrap book central and the storing place for all family files. Eventually I put a walking desk in that room so at least both Russ and I use the treadmill in there. I have taken a long pause on scrapbooking, despite still having boxes of photos that need to be cared for. But the office still has been the repository of all important family paperwork. That means that mail also goes in there to be sorted, responded to and filed. It has been a while since I had done any filing and thus the pressing need to work in my office.

As I was cleaning up the piles of paper, putting things in their rightful places, mostly the trash and recycling I came upon not one, or two or even three, but dozens of cute pads of paper, some still wrapped in cellophane with bows on them. I thought about how often I use a cute pad these days…not often since I make most notes in my phone so I can find it later. Still I do love a beautiful note pad.

I was thankful that I did not succumb to that blue and white pad at Dovecote yesterday. I decided that long go I reached the consumer tipping point. I probably have enough of everything in the non-consumable world that I will need for the rest of my life. Yes I still need to buy tooth paste and peaches, but dishes and certainly note pads, I have enough to last me for life.

It would be so great if I had been better at not buying something new until I had used up its predecessor. Perhaps then I wouldn’t have so much to clean up and care for now. So now add no new note pads to the list of things I don’t want people to give me. Just don’t give me anything, if I need it I’ve already got it.

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