Glamorous Life

I’m not one who ever was looking for a glamorous life. No hanging with the jet set, no designer everything. That being said I feel like my major buying decision today is polar opposite of glamorous.

I mopped the floor today with my old string mop that I have had for a number of years. When someone else helped me clean she liked this string mop, so that is what I use now that she is gone. Since my kitchen floor is black and white tile it shows every speck of dirt. I like it to be sparkling clean so that means I have to mop multiple times a week.

Mopping does not only involve the string mop, but what I call the dish towel shuffle. After the mopping with simple green and hot water I lay down four dish towels, two stacked one on top of the other under each foot. I skate around the kitchen drying water left after the string mop. It leaves the floor streak free. It also means that I wash at least a dozen dish towels every week.

Today my trusty mop broke. The metal handle just snapped right off the head that held the strings. I knew I had to buy a new mop pronto, but what kind to buy? I looked on line and it turns out there are hundreds of kinds of mops. I already own a swifter and it is not good on the kitchen floor. Then I looked at micro fiber, string, sponge, oh so many.

So I studied reviews of mops. Just as confusing. Granted this is not a major purchase, but I wish there were test mops. Russ suggested I go to our local hardware store since they usually have just the right thing. As I stood in front of the dozen or so choices for a good five minutes it hit me, this is the opposite of a glamorous life.

I chose one that was most like my old one since it worked well and took it home. Sadly, I am practically giddy with anticipation to get to try out this pristine, perfectly white and clean new mop. I am not cut out for high society in anyway.

2 Comments on “Glamorous Life”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    Dana; you must watch the film ‘Joy’ it could inspire you to a whole new direction.

  2. Carol Walker says:

    A gal after my own heart but I am 72 and for me it is a function of age as to what you get excited about! Love your blogs and am getting ready to make the bread.

    Carol walker

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