How’s the Weather?

When the Weather Channel first came on the air it quickly became my father’s favorite channel. He loved to know what was going on, not just where he was at that moment, but where he might be going and where he had recently been. I used to tease him about his devotion to the weather.

When we were working in London and he was building his new house at the farm he often called Alvin, the farm caretaker to discuss the weather. Since my Dad always talked on the speaker phone I usually could hear these conversations in my office, three doors down.

Alvin was a skilled builder and tinkerer, but was not a formally educated guy. This made for the most entertaining conversations. One day when my Dad called him after seeing some big Atlantic weather systems on the news this is how the conversation went.

Dad: Alvin, how’s the weather there?

Alvin: It’s fine now, but I ‘spec we will be getting something soon. See there is a big tycoon (not a typo) down in Costa Rica.

There was a pause, as my father suppressed a laugh.

Alvin: No, No, that wrong. It’s in Puerto Rico.

Ever since I have always referred to typhoons as tycoons.

In the twenty plus years since that conversation I have come not to make as much fun of my father as I used to about his devotion to following the weather. Now I too pay close attention, although mainly to where I live. My reason is for water management. I am anti-grass watering, but I do water flowers and vegetables. I am constantly making judgement calls about my need to carry buckets of water to thirsty flowers, or if rain is actually coming to do it for me.

I have never watched the weather channel, but I do count five different weather apps on my phone, two of which transmit to my watch. I guess you can say, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

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