Bachelorettes Take Over Nashville

Everywhere Russ and I have gone in Nashville this weekend we have encountered something we have never seen before, groups of young women, like six to ten of them, all dressed alike with either matching shirts or hats or something else that ties them together as a “team.” Yet they are not athletes, instead they are bridesmaids with brides to be. Apparently Nashville is a big place to come on a “hens” weekend, as the British would say.

It started at Biscuit Love this morning where we went for breakfast. In front of us in line was a grip of twenty something women in matching baseball hats. While we enjoyed our breakfast these girls did the sorority squat for a photo in front of the Nashville sign on the wall. It wasn’t annoying enough to impact our love of the breakfast, but Russ did wish he had gotten the hot chicken like I did.

After breakfast Russ and I went to Belle Meade Plantation for a tour. It was one of the few things we could do during the church hour in Nashville that did not involve a pew. On our way there we drove through the Forest Hills and Belle Meade neighborhoods and looked at the houses. Big does not describe them, Russ was most interested in what the average number of cars are per household since so many seemed to have fleets parked outside their garages. I assumed that not everyone was having a party during the church hour.

We enjoyed the tour with our historian/docent dressed in period clothing. While we were there we met a group of women all wearing matching pastel tied dyed tank tops with bridesmaid written across the chest and one in a white tank with bride. Russ congratulated her and she thanked him. I didn’t tell him you don’t say “congratulations” to a bride, but “best wishes,” because perhaps he was congratulating her on not having to wear the same ugly shirt as her friends. Based on these bridesmaids shirts the prospects for their dresses in the wedding are not good.

We followed the plantation up with a trip to the Frist Art Museum. On the way there we saw a group of girls all dressed in black tanks and short shorts with one with a white bride sash. Although the Frist had come recommended by a number of people we were incredibly disappointed in it. The one main show that we paid $24 to see was very strange. The other exhibit, which was free, was of civil rights era photos from local Nashville newspapers. That was interesting, but as far as art museums go it has a way to go. The Art Deco post office building which it is housed in was the best part of the whole thing.

It was early afternoon at that point ad since we were still full from Biscuit Love, but were a little tired of Bachelorette parties we decided to take a break from tourist things and went to the movies. We had a early dinner reservation at City House in Germantown so e went directly there from the movies.

We had a hard time finding the building because they did not have any sign on the building near the street. We circled the block three times before we deduced where it was because it was not the other buildings that had signs. The sign that we did see was 100 feet in from the street under a tree and not lit when we got there. We parked in a paid lot run by the only company in Nashville I have come to hate, Park Happy. Yesterday we got a ticket in Franklin when our parking ran over by fifteen minutes.

Today when Russ came back to the car with the parking receipt I asked him why he had paid for six hours. He said the choice was one hour or six hours, nothing in between and the change for running over time was $75. We decided that Uber might own Park Happy to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

One last sighting of a girls weekend bridal group was peddling the bar bike, which is a giant bike with many seats all with peddles and a bartender standing in the middle giving them drinks.

Weddings are expensive if you are a bridesmaid, so the addition of this weekend party seems to have taken the whole thing to a ridiculous level. Thank goodness I never have to do that.

No photos of Bridesmaids groups were taken by us so that no Bride will ever be embarrassed by this blog, but trust me I wish I could have.

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