Talkin’ Tennessee

My mother is from Knoxville Tennessee and Eastern Tennessee is all I have ever known about her state. In April I flew into Nashville to get to Paducah, KY, but didn’t spend a moment in Nashville. Then Russ got invited to speak at a conference in Music City so I opted to come along.

We flew in at seven-thirty in the morning with the time change so it was just too early to get in our hotel room or do anything really. So we drove down to Franklin, TN to have breakfast and look around. We opted to go to the Frothy Monkey because we just liked the name. The breakfast was only OK, but the town was cute.

Franklin was the site of one of the worst losses for the confederates in the civil war. A one day battle caused over 10,000 casualties. We learned all about this at the Lotz House Museum, a home of a German master carpenter and his family whose house was practically destroyed in the battle. Thankfully the family survived because they hid in the basement of their neighbor’s the Carter’s brick house. I had visions of the three little pigs.

After our enthusiastic docent pointed out the many blood stains on the wood floors and places where cannon balls came through the roof and fell all the way to the basement we felt that we had attained enough knowledge about the battle.

After a few more stops we headed back to Nashville. A visit to music city could not be complete without a visit to a honey tonk. Since that is not really either Russ’ nor my scene we decided to go and get it over with first thing. We stumbled upon the new Patsy Cline Museum on the second floor of the Johnny Cash Museum. It was small and very over priced, but Patsy is my favorite country singer so I enjoyed it. We walked past the honky tonk which even in the middle of the afternoon were just too peopley for Russ and two chickeny for me.

Thanks to recommendations from Sheppard Vann we had dinner at the fabulous Adele’s, no relation to the singer. It was a terribly hot and sticky day, but nothing I didn’t expect from Nashville. Tomorrow we will probably do the even more obscure. No boot shopping for us.

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