The Beauty Of Bags

As the amount of stuff you can take on planes gets tighter my packing organization gets more amped up. Back in the day when I was a consultant flying around the world I brought big bags with lots of stuff. I needed coats and shoes for different weather and if I was going to be working with one client for two weeks in a row I brought 14 different outfits.

Boy have I changed when it comes to packing and traveling. I could care less if I wear the same thing multiple times, even if I am with the same people. If you mix up the tops from the bottoms, no one really knows they are the same. As an woman on the upper end of middle aged no one even cares or notices what you are wearing anyway.

The real prime space is that of the “personal item” which used to be my purse. Back in the olden days your purse did not count as one of your carry on items as long as it was not the size of a small duffel bag. I could take a roll-a-board suitcase, a brief case and a purse. Long gone are those days, or supposedly. Every once in a while I see a woman carrying on five or six small bags which she should put in one bag, but she does not called out for it.

I am not that woman. I fear they will make me check something I absolutely do not want to put in the bottom of a plane. So I have perfected the packing of my personal item. It is a Scout bag with a zipper that I put a small purse in, and three bags each dedicated to a different subject; a needlepoint bag, an electronics bag and an art/journal bag. Inside my purse are also even smaller specialized bags. Nothing is lose, not even a pen.

This bag system means I can put my hands on any item I am carrying in a snap. I never have to dig around the bottom to find a small item and the best part is if, I mean when, my bag turns upside down in the airport, or falls off the seat in a cab nothing is dislodged, or lost. I love my bag system.

I just wish I were this organized in all the other parts of my life. The idea of only taking exactly what will fit in a small bag is a very freeing experience.

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