You Gotta Pay The Help

Today was the last day of Mah Jongg at the beach lessons, it it was the most jam packed. It started early with the advanced class. Thankfully Christy came up from Beaufort to help at all classes today. Before class started I discovered my car battery was dead, so I called AAA who I knew would show up in the middle of my teaching class. With Christy here I was able to run out and give the guy my keys while he jumped my battery.

I love teaching advanced classes. How advanced is always the question before I start with a new group, but it never fails there is plenty to share with players that helps improve their game. This group was fun and interactive in their learning. They want to continue with more “advanced” lessons. This adds to my need to return to the beach to give lessons.

Everyone here has been so nice and has made teaching them a pleasure. Joan, who is in my beginner class, knowing that Christy and I would only have a few minutes break between the advanced and beginner classes made lunch for us. The advanced class went over by a half an hour so we ran up to Reba’s Condo and Joan had our lunch set on the table all ready to go.

We ate a quick bite and went back to the pool house where many of the beginners already were there, raring to go. The third day of Mah Jongg is the most fun because they are “getting it.” Christy and Reba helped out with helping students figure out which hand to play. The time flew by. Happily, everyone graduated.

Now that the classes were over I want to properly thank Reba for hosting me and setting everything up and feeding me and Christy for aiding me in teaching. I took them to Beaufort Grocery for dinner. We has delicious squash blossoms, which were a first for Reba and then fabulous seafood. Mostly we had a good time together.

Christy and I decided we could teach 19 different levels of Mah Jongg. I am yet to get people to the strategy level which would be levels 17, 18 & 19. I am just happy that I am helping people stave off Alzheimer’s and exercise their minds while having a lot of fun.

I am looking forward to my next Mah Jongg at the beach class sessions. Thanks to my trusty helpers.

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