EMERGENCY at Durham Food Bank

I just got a message that the engine our the truck at the Durham Branch of the Food Bank of CENC blew out. They need to replace the engine that was very old on our big box truck. The truck is vital to the feeding of people who utilize the Durham branch from Durham, Orange and five other surrounding counties. The truck shuttles food to our branch from the headquarters in Raleigh. It picks up food from stores which are part of our retail recovery program. And it delivers food to feeding agencies who are feeding hungry people at their soup kitchens and pantries. Basically the truck in the life blood in the veins of the Food Bank.

So much of what the Food Bank gets in the way of food is donated from stores, farmers and packers, but we must pick it up to get it for free. If our truck does not pick it up perfectly good food goes to the landfill which is not good for the environment because rotting, discarded food creates green house gasses.

Summer is the worst time to lose our truck because food spoils faster in warmer weather and more food is needed to feed children who are not in school.

To replace the engine in our truck is going to cost $20,000. This is a big unplanned for hit. I have set up a virtual drive to fix the truck. It is set up like a virtual food drive so you put food in your cart and donate it, but know that instead of collards or peanut butter you will be buying an engine. Just click on this link http://www.foodbankcenc.org/goto/DurhamTruck

Thank you for considering helping out your community.

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