Beach Mah Jongg

My most enthusiastic Mah Jongg student in the last few years has got to be Reba Huckabee. She took class in the winter and became addicted to the game. Before her last lesson was done she said, “You have got to come down to the beach and teach this class there.”

It was a nice thought, but I didn’t think much about it. Then as summer approached Reba brought it up again. “You can stay with me, I will get you students and a place to hold the class.” That is all the work, so I said yes as long as we had 12 students. “I can do it.”

True to her word, not only did Reba recruit the students, got them to pay, she had a waiting list of 12 more who want lessons and she got another group for an advanced class.

I drove down to Morehead this morning and met Reba at her lovely condo. One of her dear friends, Joan from Wilmington, came up to take the class and stay with Reba too. Reba made lunch and we went to her pool house where she had set up snacks and drinks. The room was perfect for the group to assemble. Reba greeted everyone with me and then went off to do other things, which turned out to be making dinner for us for later.

I taught the first class, which is the hardest one, not to teach, but to learn. I am certain this group of a dozen women wonder why they are paying money to be this confused. Thankfully they come back tomorrow so I can build on their knowledge and they can get the hang of the game.

After it was all over Reba came back and and helped clean up all the snacks and we went back to her home to enjoy cocktails. My friend Christy came up from Beaufort to join us for Reba’s yummy crab cake dinner. Christy volunteered to come help at the class for the next two days so the new players will have more advice while they are playing.

Between my drive and my teaching I hardly got any steps today, but I am exhausted nonetheless. I shouldn’t be compared to Reba who has done all the work setting this whole thing up and keeping me well fed and tended. I will never doubt Reba Huckabee if she says she is going to do something. I just hope all these new players take to the game and end up playing with Reba for years to come.

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