It was a glorious day here. The temperature barley got to 80° and the humidity was off on vacation. Russ and I took this rare opportunity of a Sunday in July to work in the garden. Usually by this point in the summer I have given up on my garden and let the weeds have their way with it. This summer I hardly planted any vegetables, just a few zucchini and cucumbers and my never ending arugula. Instead I put in three zinnia beds.

The zucchini provided very few off spring before they succumbed to some plant killing illness. The cucumbers, although they grew like wild fire in the vine sense, the fruit have been few and far between. I know that both the deer and bunnies have been enjoying the leaves.

On the other hand the zinnias have been spectacular. The oranges, pinks, yellows and reds of the blooms are effervescent. No two flowers are the same color in the hundreds that are blooming on the tall bright green stems. Butterflies have made my patch their personal gathering spot. This zinnia garden is becoming my inspiration for a new quilt design.

In the rare coolness of this day Russ and I weeded the garden and put in another few rows of zinnia seeds so that we can enjoy the beauty of their color into the fall. My vegetable garden may be a failure, but my flowers make up for everything and it helps that the deer don’t seem to like them.

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