North Carolinians, Stop Making The National News

In the last little bit North Carolinians have been making the National news for the worst behavior. Two weeks ago it was a group of parents fighting at a girls soft ball tournament. They were acting in a way that no child would dare. The video tape of the rude group going at it was shown over and over again on TV. I was embarrassed for my state, but I thought they were not representative of most of North Carolina.

Then, just when I thought it was safe to claim I was not only born in the old North State, but have lived in for 25 years, a man in Winston-Salem, my birth place, was shown on the national news not just yesterday multiple times, but again today being anything but gentile. This poor of an excuse of a North Carolinian had called the police on an African American mother with her son because he did not think she belonged in their neighborhood pool.

The pool had card access and she had a card, but the man, who is on the neighborhood pool committee wanted her to prove she lived there. There were no signs asking anyone to “prove” they lived in the neighborhood, as if having the card was not proof enough, and he singled her out, not asking anyone else the same.

The man claimed his defense was he was asked by another “neighbor” to do this and he was doing his job as pool committee person. He should have told that person that if the woman had a card she belonged. Calling the police was not only not the right thing to do, it was down right wrong.

People of North Carolina, we used to be a welcoming and inclusive state. Yes, we had some checkered past, but I thought we had moved past treating people differently. Bring back civility. Just because one person in Washington calls people names and has no manners does not mean you can act that way too.

The man who called the police lost his job for acting this way. Good for his company for not wanting people like him to represent their brand. We can’t depend on politicians to be good role models of civility, but that does not mean that we can’t demand it in our own communities.

Let’s keep North Carolina out of the National news for being rude people. The only way to do that is follow the golden rule and treat others as you wish to be treated. Go one step further and treat others as you wish your grandmother to be treated. That is the true North Carolina way.

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