You’ve Won

When I worked in the U.K. one of the best tasks in my job was calling winners of the big Friends and Family Reunion Contest. I got to go into a radio studio with my coworker Colin and phone the winner of the £350,000 trip. Sometimes winners would say things like, “It must be true that I have won because you are an American.” That was back when the world still liked us. In total I got to call nine winners of that contest and telling each one was a thrill for me.

After my retirement from that fun gig I have continued to get to call people when they have been chosen to receive an unexpected honor. At the Food Bank we have a big award and for the last couple of years I have been the person who makes the call to let the winner know. Each person is humble, but excited. I love the fun of telling them that, yes, they have to accept the honor, no matter how much they think someone else deserves it more.

This year I had to call a Nun. I can’t tell you who, but she is a sister. I have never had so much trouble reaching an award winner. In the U.K. I think we reached each winner on the first try. For the previous Food Bank winners I also just picked up the phone and got directly to the winner. Not the Nun.

I started calling her last week. Someone always answered the phone, but usually the sister was unavailable to come to the phone. I left messages asking her to call me back. She never did. Granted she doesn’t know me, but I did say I was calling from The Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC with some good news.

In total I called her fifteen times before I was actually able to talk with her today. Telling a Nun she has won something is an underwhelming event. She was not phased by the honor in the least. I guess when you have God’s Grace you don’t really need much more than that.

I tried to explain the importance of the honor, but she never got the least excited about it. Granted it wasn’t a trip worth £350,000, but if it was, I might think she would have to turn it down.

I like letting people know they have won something, but next year I hope the winner jumps up and down just the littlest bit. I am looking forward to meeting this Nun at the Evening of appreciation, maybe then she might understand, but I’m sure she will not jump up and down.

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