The Answer is Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

What is the question? What is for dinner or lunch, brunch? I have been over this before, but if you don’t have cooked boneless skinless chicken thighs in your fridge at all times you are going to lament and complain about figuring out what to eat and then spend too much time making it.

If you have already cooked chicken thighs in your fridge you can make hundreds of different dishes in a blink of an eye. Why thighs you ask? Thighs have enough fat and flavor that you can reheat them in the microwave them and they are still yummy. That just doesn’t happen with a breast. You have to cook a breast fresh and eat it then, and even that will not have as much flavor as a reheated thigh.

I make at least ten things at a time. I sprinkle them liberally on all sides with salt and pepper and I cook them in a non-stick fry pan, about eight minutes a side. I place the hot thighs in a Rubbermaid container and out the lid on and they continue cooking. Once cooked they go in the fridge.

You can eat them in so many ways. Cut up on a Caesar salad, in a Vietnamese salad roll, reheated with a dab of barbecue sauce, in a Greek salad, in a panini, smothered with caramelized onions and a slice of Swiss cheese, in a hopped up BLT, made into chicken salad, in a rice bowl with your favorite veggies, with peanut sauce, on top of some pasta, added to a quinoa salad… you just won’t get bored with a chicken thigh. It is the perfect for any flavor palate. The only thing they are not good for is a smoothy, or in your breakfast cereal, but other than that.

If someone in your family thinks they only like breasts, just tell them the thigh is a breast. They will tell you it is the best piece of chicken they have eaten. And breasts are like twice as expensive. Skip the breast and go for the thigh.

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