Cheerio Independence Day

At Camp Cheerio they are celebrating the Fourth of July a day early. When Carter planned her 12 week summer here she thought she wouldn’t see us the whole time. That being the plan she invited us to come for the camp cookout, skits and fireworks since staff parents are invited. Funny, we had never been invited before.

So Russ made reservations for us at the Kimpton in Winston Salem since it is Shay’s favorite hotel. Then Carter got hit on the head and she came home for five days. Since we already made the plans we came to camp for the “4th” even though we were just here nine days ago dropping Carter off.

It turns out it was a good thing we saw her at home because so far we have hardly seen her at all. She had to man the peanut butter table at dinner and now she is getting the horse ready for Paul Revere’s ride, which is part of the show tonight. At least Shay is happy with her hotel suite.

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