No Burgers or Dogs for Us

In honor of Independence Day Russ suggested we have Mexican food since we aren’t too happy with everything American right now. We could have gone with English food as an anti- Independence Day, or Canadian Food as a, wish we had your leader as our leader, but we just like Mexican food better so that was the answer. Russ wanted fish tacos so I had the tacoless version.

We were going to cook corn on the grill, but just as I was getting ready for dinner the skies opened up and we had a glorious and much needed storm since it hasn’t rained in over a week of near 100° days. Russ pulled out the cast iron grill pan and I grilled the corn on the stove. I put foil on it to help keep the heat in and it worked great, just slower than the grill.

I made some fresh pico for the salmon and a little vinegar slaw. I made the pico using a pepper from a plant my friend Hannah brought me in June. It has been growing on my front porch and when we got home today from Winston Salem I noticed one of them was red. I knew it was going to be hot so I seeded it and only used the tiny flesh in the pico, but I saved the seems for Russ, who added them to his fish taco. He said they were good and hot, which makes him happy. Happy July Fourth!

Fresh pico

1 tomato chopped

1 shallot mined

1 Birdseye pepper minced

1 cloves of garlic minced

2 T cilantro chopped

1/2 t. Lime juice

Salt and pepper

Mix it together and let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour so the flavors marry.

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